Writing Services:

  • Project kickstarter: Stuck on a piece of writing? Have you cleaned the house, cleared up your Inbox, only to find that blank page still staring at you? Let me help you get started! In just a few hours, I can give you feedback, discuss potential structures and directions, and even have the beginnings of a draft, helping ease the difficulty of getting started with a piece of writing.


  • Academic writing: Does your lab produce so much data that you can’t stay on top of writing up all the manuscripts? Do you need to produce reports fast, but find you’re just too busy to make the deadlines? Do you have a grant application pending, or an REF impact statement that you’re just dreading to write? I can make your life easier, and help you stay on top of your schedule. I cover a range of disciplines, and there’s even an express service available to help you meet those tight deadlines.


  • Polishing touches: Do you have an important publication you’re just about to submit? Want someone else to look over it before the reviewers do? As well as standard proofreading and editing, I thoroughly analyse the manuscript for logic and consistency, and give feedback on whether your findings are communicated clearly. During revisions, I can also help with drafting and editing the reviewer responses.


  • Publicity packages: Want to make sure your science gets the attention it deserves? Does your lab website date back to 2001, but you’re just too busy to do anything about it? I offer a range of custom tailored publicity packages, including blogging, social media, marketing, web design, SEO, photography and PR – just get in touch for details!



  • Writing school: As an academic, the future of your career depends on your writing. Are you prepared? I offer tutoring packages tailored to your requirements – we can focus on completing specific pieces of writing, or work more generally to build up the set of skills you will need in order to produce high quality academic writing.


  • Communication bootcamp: Would you like your group to spread word of their science to the world? Myself and my colleague Adelina Chalmers from Presenting Good Practice offer intensive 2-day communication skills courses, focusing on both how to write about your research effectively and how to present it to an audience. Ensure your research has the high impact it deserves!